Quizzing as a living

July 7, 2018 § Leave a comment

Callum Train, 44, is a professional quiz master. He runs pub quizzes all over East London and probably possesses more factual titbits than all the panelists of Quite Interesting put together.

His dry humour and understated confidence get him through rowdy pub nights like a breeze as he pokes fun at punters left and right in his mild, unassuming manner.ftsf-6e3442cb-9a27-4fd3-80ab-b1d877e348d5

Callum is a member of the gig economy, surviving off whatever opportunity is granted him next. When he was made redundant at his office job four years ago, going on benefits was not an option. What was originally a light-hearted hobby became a serious job, and he now relies on five well-attended evenings a week to make ends meet.

Pub quizzes are a precious commodity in the modern age, in that they disallow the use of mobile phones and encourage good old brain-racking and face-to-face interaction. There were over 22,000 of these events every week across the UK, according to a 2009 study.

Pubs use such events to boost otherwise quiet weeknights. During the busy period of the World Cup, quiz masters like Callum have to deal with many cancellations and disinterested crowds.


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