Victims of the modern age

January 7, 2017 § Leave a comment

I think I’ve fallen victim to some sort of intellectual breakdown.

We are living in a society of utter ignorance and ignorants.

Dare I say it? The left wing has become a parody of itself, and worse. It has reached a point where they listen to nothing, but nothing of what is said to them. A point where they stick their fingers in their ears and hum “na, na, na I’m not listening to you!” if an argument is made that may hurt .000001% of the population’s feelings. We find ourselves in an era of feelings-based politics.

I know, I know. It’s happened before and will happen again. For example, the theory of the blank slate, wherein we are all born equal and develop personalities via our environment, was disproved by E.O. Wilson many decades ago and it took years for people to stop protesting against scientists, calling them fascists and low-lifes for performing research and revealing truths that the average person simply didn’t like to hear. Wilson himself got personally attacked for developing a sound theory of evolutionary biology applied to the human species. Yes, you are perhaps genetically unintelligent if you can’t open your hearing holes and assimilate cold, hard facts when they are stated to you.
I’ll  agree that science is never set in stone and this can be your argument: you’d rather set everyone on the same starting block and ignore scientific theories that you find reductive and damaging to your cause. That would be fair enough. But no, it has to be about name-calling and denying the studies…

Watching Ben Shapiro argue his point about transgenderism maybe being a mental issue that could be worked on psychologically rather than magicked away by reassignment surgery, sat against a panel of six loudmouths without a brain between them, really struck a chord with me. It seemed to strike one with him, too, because he then made a play-by-play commentary of the “debate” where he picked up on every single detail of their distinctive lunacy.

The conservative right seems to be the new hub for progressive thinking nowadays, because the original progressive thinkers of the left have veered so far into emotional territory that they have blinded themselves to logic and science. Liberalism has become a religion, with certain untouchable “truths” based solely, and I mean solely, on faith, emotion, and some skewed sense of moralism. The simple way to see it is thus: when you are having a debate with someone, and it reaches a point where you are stating facts and they are interrupting you with name-calling, “I feel” statements, and repetition of facts that you’ve already thoroughly refuted, they lose it. And they can’t accept it, and you have to be the bigger man and move on.

Sadly we now need people like Milo Yiannopoulos and Shapiro to keep pushing healthy controversy down liberals’ unwilling throats, provoke them until they get epilepsy from blocking their ears and minds to different opinions. For every thousand easily offended leftists Yiannopoulos riles up into a Twitter frenzy, there will be maybe 200 who stop and think about what he’s actually saying – rather than accuse him unjustly of rallying an army to go and put all of those pesky minorities in concentration camps.

I was like that when I was 20. I can hear myself talking over my mother telling me that boys’ and girls’ brains are different, that we are, for example, at a disadvantage in domains like physics and mathematics. I can hear her telling me off now: “if you can’t hear your opponent out, you are no good at debating, and make no valid point whatsoever. Don’t let emotions get involved in a debate based on scientific fact.”

So I listened, and I learned. I read The Blank Slate by Steven Pinker and I learned about biologists who discovered that people were not all born equal, that sexes did indeed differ neurologically, and most importantly that these discoveries had to be kept on the down-low for all the feelings they might hurt and exclusive policies they might engender. While this is certainly a concern, why must we automatically assume that just because someone may be slightly more predisposed to academia that someone else, they should be mocked or excluded? Why assume that because women biologically have lower spatial awareness than men, that if a woman happens to be excellent at orienting herself, she should not be allowed to be a cab driver? No one on the right is suggesting that, and I think these are actually more offensive ways of thinking than whatever unsavoury secrets the science of the human brain may uncover.

There is a similar reasoning on the right. Capitalism, the system we have lived in as long as we can remember, is based on competition, healthy or otherwise. Favouring and mollycoddling certain sections of the population does not lead to progress, but instead to stagnation. It’s such a difficult debate on where to draw the line and when to assist certain people, but it must be engaged with facts and open-mindedness rather than mental blocades and baseless insults. It’s just so funny that the people who are so on board with language policing, being careful not to offend anyone, are the first to spew venom at whomsoever dares to argue against their ideology. They are in fact the most offensive of all with direct, personal insults rather than the clear, direct language that people like me are in favor of.

Look, I personally differ strongly on many points with conservatives, notably about religion and abortion, but their analytical and often irrefutable language is winning me over these days. I can’t deal with one more leftie raising their hand dramatically to their forehead and crying “ugh! I can’t believe you could say that. That is so offensive,” at the mere mention of an opinion that differs from the left-leaning mainstream media – regardless of who might be saying it and in what context. The mere concept of triggers… isn’t it a beaut? That’s exactly what it is: a trigger is pulled in a split second, completely outside of time and the realm of thought. This is the way political debates are going nowadays, and everyone has their little team of online friends who all think the same as them so that when one little rightie goes astray, he or she is certain to be demolished and bullied on the spot. It’s a team game, now, rather than a thought exercise.

It’s an intellectual breakdown, orchestrated by the media with all their phony empathy and melodrama, which really is just a distraction from the actual horrors that the West is inflicting on the rest of the world, such as war crimes in the Middle East and government torture tactics. Wake up!


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