September 8, 2016 § Leave a comment

What an odd, confusing life for us first world babies. There I was, studying away, exams and assessments and grades oh my, for eighteen years of my life, no less. Here I am, waiting to get my bachelor’s degree in the mail, and suddenly, sans obligations. There is nothing I need to do apart from earn a decent living, which I can do by getting a manager’s job in the pub.

And this is where my studies come into play, for the little that they have taught me. They have taught me to apply myself at least minimally to something, to try and achieve something and not give up halfway through. The only reason I ever finished projects was that I could simply not allow myself to miss a deadline. And so however monumental the project seemed to me, I always did, and always passed. I never imagined myself programming a piece of music, or writing more than three songs and their charts, performing them on a stage… but however shabbily I may have done it, I freaking did it. So now that I’m floating around in the bottomless pit of adult life, I can be marginally less frightened of failure in the long run, because I’ve always managed to do what I had to do, however shoddily or last-minute.

Only worry now is… where are my deadlines? What is “last-minute”… now?


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