Time… to move on.

July 28, 2016 § Leave a comment

For six years of my life I wore one solitary watch on my wrist without ever removing it. It accompanied me to the seaside, to the shower, in my intimate moments, throughout high school.
It watched me as I didn’t do my homework, and slowed down as I waited for the teacher to call me out on it.
I boasted to the other kids about my watch. It had real diamonds on the side, I said, and it had a pearl interior. It never died on me no matter what I did with it! I never took it off!

I later found out from a local jeweler that the diamonds weren’t actually real. There that went. It started breaking off my wrist repetitively after high school. Like it didn’t belong there anymore. Like I needed to release my wrist from captivity, unburden my mind from constant timekeeping. I don’t know what the little nuisance was implying.

So I just started wearing other, prettier watches. One in particular, an ancient beauty of my mother’s. Then my boyfriend gave me another one. Now I alternate between those two. They never could take as much water and battering as the original, and so my timekeeping suffers in the middle of the night, in the shower, or during a shift at the pub.

I slowly moved on, but I still got ol’ reliable in a box somewhere, and one of its bracelet links stored with hope in an airtight bag, thinking maybe, one day, the ultimate jeweler will come along and fix it for good.


my gorgeous silver number caught in a private moment of vanity


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