This is what reading anything other than glorious escapist fiction does to me.

July 28, 2016 § Leave a comment

Many things are unstoppable. Things such as stubbornness, ambition, and stupidness. I say stupidness, I mean stupidness. I mean the entire realm of stupidity, including Buzzfeed, social media, unbridled passion, extremism, ordinary media… The world is crumbling before our very eyes, and though perhaps it has done so for many centuries in the eyes of many disillusioned young adults, it just seems worse somehow. Maybe that’s just a reflection of my own scattered life and state of mind. But all these fights against terrible things, they somehow seem stupid to me, too… they breed venom. For every bit of good feminism has done and continues doing, there will be an avalanche of stubborn, ambitious feminists tearing down everything that’s not in their way and making the whole movement look bad. Same for vegans, same for any activists.

So what’s the way? What can I do, in my own rational way, without just being full of empty words? My god, if I could find a clever way to spread cleverness… shame I seem to be short on it myself. I’m clever enough to know the world needs cleverness, but I’ve hardly got enough for myself, let alone the entire world.

I say activists, really I mean any mass movement. Anything, once it involves the masses, must be dulled down to a blistering volcano of idiocy. And, yet, at the same time, that same anything needs the awareness of the masses to even exist as a movement!

I guess this is just one of those tricks the universe likes to play on us unsuspecting mortals. That eternal balance bullshit the spirituality activists are all going on about. No yin sans yang, no up sans down, no me sans pretentious wordings. Okay, maybe not that last one. But how is anything supposed to go well if this constant equilibrium maintains things at extreme shit vs. extreme excellence level? Perhaps the terrible things happening to more than half the Earth are necessary to maintain its correct rotation in the grand scheme of things. Perhaps there is no way to iron out the inequalities; it sure seems so, if one looks back in time. This is all so easy to say when you are part of the lucky few in this wonky unisphere. Do we have more awareness than those who suffer throughout their entire lives? If they are not told of all the riches and human rights that exist elsewhere, will they perhaps accept their fate as we do ours?
If Muslim women are forbidden from education, are they then basically brainwashed into fully accepting their fate as child-bearing sex slaves? Does this make things better or terribly, terribly worse?


As long as there is education, humanity will lumber on to its weary fate.
Without it, humanity will crash straight into a bloody, raging wall of hate.

Edumacation is the only way forward! It won’t eradicate stupidness, but it does seem to make everyone more equal in not being dicks to innocent people.


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