More old notebook excerpts.

February 22, 2014 § Leave a comment

This actually kickstarted my desire to start a blog just to rant and rave at things. Speaking of raves, it’s about an illegal rave a partyman I know organised on a farmer’s land and spewed nasty pride about on his facebook page. I shan’t name names.

Pustules, and wastes of precious space for thinking and feeling and living and SLEEPING.

Such an ego will not go far before it crashed violently into the solid tree of justice, all its vile wasteful poisoned guts spilling out onto the pavement, the hard cold pavement of no one caring.

Open your eyes, king of wasters, to your selfish acts and their consequences on the hard work of others. If you yourself can’t be bothered, then at least fucking give the rest of the world a break. No one but your sad league of broken drugged-up souls wants you around. And you just know they’ll leave you flailing and withered on the unforgiving soil when push comes to shove. They’ll always find another ballsy drug-dealer type to whip up fun times for them until their own lives either collapse or evolve from nothingness.

My life may be nothingness in itself; nothing but sex, drugs, food and entertainment truly drive me. If I could make a living  out of fucking (whom I want and not (too) publicly) and eating, I would be more than content to go along as such.

But I am truly respectful and in awe of those who contribute to this world, to my world of passion and music and films and literature and comfort and food and just EVERYTHING! I can benefit from.

And I am aware of my worthlessness on the grand scale and will stay out of the way of those who, however daft, sheeplesque, corrupt or outright stupid they may be, are still working, contributing whatever it is they contribute to society.

But the true low-life, the true luuches on society’s ass are the ones who don’t do a damn thing but also piss everybody else off. And they truly are the people I have no pity for. Line them up and shoot them down for all I care. But fucking get them out of the the way. I believe in re-education and the good in everyone. But some cases are just not worth spending ridiculous resources on.  They are spoilt. Maybe work on them last, once everything else is fixed.


Fffff haha. I don’t feel quite so strongly anymore. It moved me at the time.


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