Anal sex is fun.

February 22, 2014 § Leave a comment

Anal sex is fun. I know I used to denounce it like the sickest of sins, but now I’ve tried it, I must take back my determined words. How many more things are out there that we can’t open up to until we actually try to, and find that, well, actually, it’s pretty awesome?

I don’t even want to imagine that vast expanse of experiences, to be honest. The sheer amount of people who are wildly close-minded. Everything is relative, though, isn’t it? Accepting homosexuals’ existence for one person might be the equivalent of the past me attempting sodomy. You’ll say, “but schnouzi, what the fuck, anal is about personal pleasure, whereas acceptance of different values and ways of life is more of a philosophical, even political question.”

To that, I say, in the end, what we are all looking for is to be as happy as possible at any given moment, in our sex life as well as our civil one. So (say) a lady who is boldly outspoken against gay marriage only wants to be accepted and understood by her civil authorities when it comes to her moral values. A woman outspoken against anal sex believes it will bring her great displeasure and would ideally like this feeling to be shared with her friends.

So, is happiness really brought on by a sense of shared, common values? I think people should live for themselves and try both anal and homosexuality, ’cause you know what, both can be fun as fuck.



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