Old cheesy love poem

October 9, 2013 § Leave a comment

Oh woooow. Found this in one of my old notebooks I so love to write in recklessly when I’m feeling impassioned.

It’s very rough and extremely sugary at times but I think there’s a certain charm to it. If you’re interested, the desperate love feeling for this person is long gone and a solid lovely friendship still remains (flatmates now, even!)


Oh N.
If you only knew
All I want to see is you
You’re in my head night & day
It’s not an easy game to play
Being in love when you’re just not that great
Or at least not in a way
The beloved can appreciate.
And yet I must say
In a way
I love you just the same
& my friendship for you will not wane.
Bring me with you to your window
Huddle me like a good boy should
Like my first love always did
He was perfect, he was good.
But you my friend
Are quite the character
Although it’s not what you intend
You make me want my love to never end.
I wish you knew to what extent
Your silliness and intellect
Rain upon me shining showers
Of windy lust and golden flowers
You make me smile my tears away
& forget the bills I have to pay.
When you touch my nose or tickle my earlobe
I want to bite your fingers off
For not removing all my clothes.
Take them off
One by one
Let me know
That I’m your sun
Shine, shine that gaze on me
I know for me that you are special
Yet in your heart I’m not the main vessel
Of the fleet of friends you hold so dear
What are you doing here
What are you doing not here
I miss you so
Just want you to know
But I guess I shouldn’t
I want your respect for me to grow
& with it love
love love love

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