Analysis of a description of an experience

September 24, 2013 § Leave a comment

“I took off my headphones, I took off my black leather platform shoes, just as the rain got super intense. Looking up at it, especially where it was sharply defined in the yellow light of the street lamps, I literally felt like something undefinable  underneath my face wanted to burst out of me and go blend with the thousands of heavy drops. Physically, I felt it as a strong urge to cry.”

This is how our emotions can cause physical reactions. A tightening of the chest; a clenching of the jaw. How external stimuli cause us to become conscious of our bodies. It is at a moment like this where I can actually feel my chest. Or when I clench my fists in distress and feel the nails digging into my palm. That is when I start feeling my body naturally.

“And I just felt physically purified of all my sad, stressed and distressing thoughts.”

Physically purified of thoughts. Feeling things physically brings us back to our primal selves, even if just for a little while. The wet rain on my body, the tiredness of my limbs, the tears waiting to come out of my eyes,  made me just for a short-lived moment  blissfully forget all the meaningless mortal questions that so like to bang around in my head.


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